Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grand Prix Racing

2 weeks ago today my baby boy started smiling!
This is the only picture we could get of him smiling that day...Kaitlin took it! It's from the side, but it shows just how cute he is! My new problem lately is holding Noah. I've always wanted to hold him all day, but now that he's smiling it's nearly impossible for me to want to put put him down! We all love this smiley little boy sooo much! Kiley calls him Mr. Smiley Boy. I love when the kids are running around the house like little crazy people, and then out of nowhere they'll pause for a moment and give Noah a kiss. I have the best kids ever!

Today Kaitlin had a Grand Prix race at church. She came in 5th! We are excited for her, but she is sad that she didn't get a trophy. :( It's totally breaking our hearts...there was even tears from our sweet little Princess. She did have a great time though! We can't wait 'til next year! And next year Kevin gets to make 3 cars!

I am at a loss for words today, so I will make up for that with some pictures!

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