Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're growing!!

Yep, we are adding an addition to this already awesome family! We found out on May 24th! This cutie pie should be here sometime in early February! The kids are all excited! Kaitlin asked if she could name a baby if we have twins....I said sure! (cuz there's no way there's 2 babies in me!). She's been making lists and lists with her name ideas. :) Kiley is already hugging and kissing my stomach! :) Ben puts his hand on my stomach and back all the time and says, "I can feel the baby kick!" "I can feel the baby's leg/arm!" So cute!! Even after I tell them the baby isn't even an inch long yet, he still says all that. :) I'm kinda nervous, but I'll get over that!

The way we (the kids & I) told Kevin was: I had my friend Sarah sew some shirts for them and when he got home from work I handed him Noah, who had on his "Big Bro" shirt and told him Noah needed to tell him something. He looked at his shirt and said, "No way! Are you serious?!" :) Here's a picture of the proud big brothers and sisters!

Time to catch up on what else has been happening!

May 12 & 13 the girls had their ballet recital! They were precious & did such a good job!

Kaitlin had a tea party and she planned it all by herself! Down to the invitations and food! We'll definately be doing this again! The girls were so funny because as soon as the tea party was over, they all went and dug in the dirt for worms...how ladylike! :)

Later that day, we celebrated their best bud Shiloh turning 4!! She had a pink party!
The next week, my Uncle Richard and Deb came to town from Massachusetts! We took them to the zoo, the nature park by our house, and the Stockyards!

Kiley graduated from preschool!

2 of Noah's favorite things...his rocking horse and Veggie Tales! :)

The girls were in a talent show at church with their friends. They did their ballet routines! Kaitlin and her friends did such a good job! Kiley and her friend were so silly! It ended up being a comedy routine! :)

Our Kiley girl turned 5 on the 17th! She had a cute princess party! :)

My nephew Aiden turned 2 the next day! He had a Sesame Street themed party and I even got to make the cake!
We've been having lots of pool time, running errands, the girls have taken 2 craft classes at Joann's, having a fun summer! I'm not looking forward to school starting!