Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleep?...Where are you???

This past month has been crazy busy! Homeschooling is going great! I'm still trying to adjust to balancing everyone throughout the day. I can tell Kaitlin is a little bored with not having anyone her age to interact with. We've joined homeschool groups, but haven't really had any luck meeting up with kids her age. :( This week we are going to join the library that opened this weekend and sign the kids up for dance and gymnastics. Wednesday was Fall Festival at our church! It was so fun! The kids loved it and looked so cute in their costumes! Noah was a lion, and he looked SO CUTE crawling around in his little costume! Benjamin was Woody. Kaitlin and Kiley were 50's girls. I even made the girls costumes this year...probably the last time I'll do that because it was so time consuming! :) We sent this picture to Kevin since he was out of town when we went to the Fall Festival:October 20th, Noah took his first step! And tonight, October 31st, he took his second! It's so exciting seeing all his firsts!! In the last month, he has learned to clap (October 16th), can give HIGH FIVES! (how awesome is that!?), understands/can wave "hi" & "bye", if I say "Where's your binky (his pacifier)?" he will pick it up!, he can stand all by himself for 10 seconds!, and so many other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting!! He only wants his Mommy. Anyone can hold him as long as I'm not in soon as he sees me and realizes I'm not holding him, he starts screaming, not crying...screaming. A few days ago his 7th tooth came in!!
Kiley can write her name!!!! She has been writing "ILEY" for a month or so, but yesterday at the zoo, she wanted to write her name on her pumpkin, so she did! She's even adding! Anything that ='s 10 or less, she can add!! I told her that as soon as she can learn all the sounds the letters make, then she can learn to read just like her big sister...that made her so excited! Suddenly, she has this LOVE for learning! She has finally started interecting with the TV shows when they ask Q's.
Benjamin has definately been a little stinker lately! He's exploring what he can and can't get away with. He's usually a sweetheart, but he has his moments. :) Ben loves his cars, stuffed animals, and doing anything with his sisters. I love when he just runs up saying "Noah,Noah,Noah!", rubs the top of his head, and gives him little kisses all over his face! He cracks me up all day long! And I have to ask him something like 10 times, just to get him to tell me the truth when he does something wrong! :)
Kaitlin loves to read, read, read! She always has a the car, at the table, and while everyone else is watching cartoons. Her joy for reading amazes me, because I never had and still don't have a passion for reading. She has always been very good at memorizing, but it's awesome to see her use that skill for memorizing Bible verses. Her joy for God is just pure amazing, inspiring, awesome, beautiful. She wants everyone to love everyone and everything. I want this innocence to last forever. She loves to dance, write songs, write/tell stories, and pretend. She too smart for her age. ;)
Kevin has been real busy with Clear! He has been #1 in sales in DFW for 4 months now! It sure was a rough few months when the business started, but it's amazing seeing all of his hard work, long hours, and no sleep paying off. I love how he sets his mind to something, and makes it happen! Next month he will start selling in LA! Hopefully we can turn one of his business trips to LA into a family "business" trip. The kids can't wait for Daddy to take them there.
October 1st we started our fall celebrations! We went to MainStay Farm in Clebune with a bunch of other homeschooling families! This place was so much fun and will definately be a new fall tradition.The next week we went to Homeschool Day at the zoo. I wish we could go to the zoo every week! They love it. And did you know, a rhinoceros' horns are actually made out of hair, not bone? Yea...crazy, I know! That next weekend we went to another Fall Festival at a church near our house. We have been non stop for the past 4 weeks. This is a busy time of the year! But, I love it! Kaitlin built this tower for Noah a few weeks ago so he could knock it down. She knows he loves to knock her creations down, so she built one especially for him!! She even took this picture of him in action!
Kaitlin has started a nature journal as part of a school project. Once a month we go to the nature park a few minutes from our house and she observes the weather, trees, plants/flowers, animals, etc. She records it all in a book and even takes pictures to go along with everything. We've seen a rabbit, grasshoppers, spiders, praying mantis, all kinds of flowers, and so much more! The next weekend we went to a carnival at Kaitlin's old school. We rode the fire truck, played games, pet/rode a pony, and even Granny joined us! The same day Noah took his first step, my baby niece Makynli Ann was born!
Ben and Kiley had their Fall parties at school this past Thursday. I'm glad Kaitlin got to be a part of Ben's too! We will definately have a Thanksgiving and Christmas kids party at our house so we can have some kids her age to party with! But, overall, I think she enjoyed Ben's party.