Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still trying...

Still trying to invent that pause button...but, in the meantime, my babies are turning into wonderful "big" kids! :)
My sweet Kaitlin:
She teaches an art class to her brother and sister every week. She's an awesome teacher. So patient. She makes "chores" lists for herself, and actually does them! Loves to wear dresses (everyday if I'd let her), her Dora perfume, jewelry, and make-up. :) Her reading skills are amazing! How can a 6 year old read that well?! She's a sponge that is thirsty for knowledge. This Sunday at church they preached about baptism and she told me, "Mommy, I want to be baptized". Some might think she's too young, but who can really decide when a child is ready to make that public display to proclaim that she loves God. I know Kaitlin will touch so many people throughout her lifetime. I'm so proud to be her Mommy!
My big Kiley girl:
Loves dresses, jewelry, make-up, anything of Mommy's, and her sister & brothers. She's still so in love with her baby brother! She loves to spin on one foot and say "Mommy, watch my spin!". She has a smile & dimples that will make you melt! My little kitchen helper. She loves to help me do anything. My sweet princess!
Mr. Benny Ben:
My crazy, silly, lovable Ben! He tumbles, jumps all over the couches, picks up bugs, can catch just about any grasshopper he sees (and then ends up squeezing them to death, but at least he caught it!), thinks he's as old as his sisters, still needs his Mommy all the time :), and loves to play outside. He LOVES to help me in the kitchen. He and Kiley are always standing on a chair right next to me asking what they can do next. I have to lay with him every night to get him to sleep, and every morning when he wakes up, he yells at me, "Hey! You left me in my room by myself!" Haha! So cute!
My little Noah:
Noah's almost crawling! For more than a month he has been scooting all over the floor. I love that he can get to what he wants. He's so happy! I just have to look at him, and he's got a big smile on his face. He has the cutest giggle and he's such a chunk! :) His hair is getting longer and he is starting to get little curls in back. Noah is starting to remind me of Ben when he was a baby. He's doing great eating baby food. I have given him a little bit of my food, and he loves that too! :) He loves to grab...anything: hair, your plate of food, hands, your face, toys, ANYTHING in his reach! :) Love this baby!
This summer is really flying by. Kaitlin has pretty much taught herself how to swim. I'm so proud of her! We've been swimming, gone to the zoo, the movies, had play dates, I've actually started excersing (applause, please!), had a couple of "watch TV all day" days, stayed up late, slept in, gone to Target & Wal Mart way too many times, and even got a puppy. <----I think that's the craziest/dumbest idea we've had yet. Haha! The kids named her Lily. She really is a good dog. But, I'm not really a "dog person", so adjusting to having a dog in the house is crazy hard for me. I loved dogs as a kid, but now that I am cleaning up the messes....mmm, not liking it so much! But the kids LOVE her, so it's all worth it. Noah has even noticed her. As I was holding him today, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Everywhere she went, he would turn his head and watch her. Too cute!
I even found out I am going to have a neice! Tera is due October 21st! This baby girl is going to have the best big sisters, and without a doubt, they will spoil her like crazy!
Kevin has been busy working hard. He started a new business a few months ago, and has been doing great! He's so excited about it, and that makes me happy. :) He has been putting in a lot of hours, and we miss him like crazy around here. Love you Hunny!
For a while I had my own photography business, but for the past year I haven't had the time or energy to do it. :( Tonight I went out and took pictures of the kids...and man, I felt so alive! It felt so good to be out there doing what I love! I edited some pictures (not my favorite part, but it's still great too!), and I feel like I NEED to do this more. I can't describe the feelings I have after taking pictures of my kids, other people's kids, families, etc.. Pure joy!
I'll leave you with some pictures of my babies today:
Noah's first experience with "grass"...I don't know what he thought, but it sure was cute to watch him! :) My little cutie!

My beautiful girl who just LOVES life!
This picture IS her! Laughter, joy, LOVE!! Isn't she just beautiful?!

My handsome little man! So independent...but still my little snuggle bug!