Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got malled by a bear!!

...a Kiley Bear that is! I had to take the kids for their check ups and 3 out of 4 of them had to get shots! Kiley hid under the table (Ben did too), and I had to move the table and drag her out! I got scratched, kicked, pinched, and hit...pure craziness, and definately out of her normal sweet, loving nature.
But, let me catch you up on The Lavenders! We got rid of Lily, the dog, and replaced her with 3 BuildABear animals (much better). Kaitlin named her pink bear Sweetie Pie, Kiley named her pink bear Ariel, and Ben named his owl Buzz Lightyear. I don't know if I'll ever want a dog again...
I threw a baby shower for Tera in August! Makynli should be here somewhere around October 20th!! Her big sisters are so excited! Kaitlin made a cute card too! It said, "I hope your baby is a good one". Haha!! I even got to do lots of baking! I made and decorated the sugar cookies too.

The kids are getting so big! All of them! Kiley turned 4 in June, but I always think she's still my little baby girl! Everything she does and says suprises me. She is still my cuddle bug. Every night and at nap time she has to have her blanket and Bella, her doll.
Ben has a new favorite phrase and I love it! He says, "that's what I'm talkin' 'bout". And it's usually followed up by the cutest grin ever!!
It's been 3 months and 3 of us have gotten a year older. :) Kevin turned 30 and we had a big ol' celebration for him and my Mom at our house (they share a birthday!). Ben turned 3 and had a Toy Story 3 party! Kiley blew out Ben's candle the first time, so I relit it. Then he insisted that we sing "Happy Birthday" again so he could blow it out. :) And I turned 27.
At the end of September we went to San Antonio. My mom, Neil, Tiffany, and Aiden joined us! We had a great time! It was all of ours (except Tiffany's) first time to Sea World. The kids rode their first kiddie roller coaster...which I thought was enough, but Kevin really wanted to take Kaitlin on a big one. And, she was terrified!! So, I of course had to ride it and see what scared her so badly. And, ohmygosh!, it was crazy scarey! My poor baby!
Ben enjoying some food at the wonderful Guenther House:

Having as romantic of a late night River Boat ride as we can with 4 kids :)

Our crazy crew!

Neil, my mom, and me!

This was such a great trip! I can't wait to do it again!