Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life with 5...

Life with 5 munchkins has been so great! Everyone is helping and things (most of the time) are flowing smoothly. We all have our meltdown days, but we still make it through the day!
Kiley made a dinosaur project for school! She came up with and did everything on her own...even painting the outside of the box pink! :)
"God's hands are so strong. He eats a lot of vegetables." - Benjamin :) My babies love God so much! This was just one of the many random things Ben said last month.
Kaitlin played "Jack and the Beanstalk" on the piano in her school talent show. She played perfect! Our friends, the Roberts Family, came out to watch her perform. After the show we all went to Cici's for a couple of hours.
Noah was being sneaky one day and got a frozen waffle & syrup all by himself! No plate...syrup everywhere. He was so proud of himself!!! :) He was too precious for me to be mad!
Here's Sarah in her lil sis shirt when she was 3 weeks new!
Here's our baby girl at 3 1/2 weeks new!
The boys were playing outside one day after it had rained. I turned my back on Noah for a minute...and this is what happens!
I almost yelled...almost! Then I saw how much fun he was having, so I ran inside, got my camera and enjoyed the craziness!!
On the 8th of this month was our 9th wedding anniversary!! We didn't do anything too special this year. Just snuggled up and watched some TV together...ya know, a typical night for us! :) I love this man!
By the time Sarah was 4 weeks old, she doing so good at "tummy time"! She could lift her head up. Here she is at 6 weeks!
We took Sarah to our favorite place...the park for a hike! She slept the whole time, so I guess it was just as peaceful of a place to her as it is for us!!
Noah LOVES Sarah! He loves being a big brother. His favorite thing to do is give Sarah her binky.
He also is a big helper when it's diaper changing time!
Sarah turned 1 month!
My sister-in-law Tera makes bows/headpieces, so I got some made for the girls!
When Sarah was about 5 weeks old, she started smiling when I talked to her!!! Now she is smiling all the time. BIG precious smiles! Here is the first smile I was able to capture! (March 14th)
She smiled so big 5 days later, we found out she has dimples!
During Spring Break we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park. We took the kids fishing and they had the best time!!
Kiley caught 2 fish!! The only fish caught that day too!!
Noah didn't fish. He played with worms, rocks and sand the entire time! He sneaked up to Kaitlin and held a worm up to her face. She turned away with a look of disgust on her face while he's in the background laughing!! I love this candid picture!!!
My sweet Sarah enjoyed the outdoors too!
We attempted kite flying too, but the wind just wasn't there!
The next day we went to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. First thing we saw were the awesome buffalo!
Feeding the animals was so exciting! The kids also liked not having to sit in their car seats, haha!
Noah's hand is in this animal's mouth!!!
This silly giraffe stuck it's tounge out the whole time.
A baby rhino!! It was so precious.
Someone let a crazy monkey in the car! :)
The day after we got home, we went to Wichita Falls so we could meet Colin! He was born about 12 hours after Sarah. Here's Colin and Sarah at 7 weeks new.
St. Patrick's Day was the next day. We had green eggs, cinnamon rolls, and milk. The kids colored a shamrock. They all wore green too! We had ChickFilA for dinner and they had green lemonade!
I got to make a cake and cake pops for a sweet lady at our church for her baby shower. They were so fun to make. I made the pops to match the cake color.
It was delicious.
I was talking with the girls about kidnappers. I told them that smart, pretty girls like them could get kidnapped. Kiley looked at Kaitlin and said, "If the kidnapper tries to take you, tell him you're not smart". These silly kids!!
Sarah enjoying some tummy time at 7 1/2 weeks. She is getting so good at holding her head up and looking around.
Kaitlin wanted to do a jump picture! It turned out awesome!!
Their best bud Shiloh spent the night. This was her first sleepover at a friend's house and she did so good! They all had a great time.
Kaitlin is so proud to be able to stand up and hold Sarah. She's such a big girl now. And Noah thinks he can just hold her when he wants to. Haha!
Kiley lost her first tooth today! She was trying to take off a wristband from a skating party and she used her teeth. It made her tooth really loose and she pulled it out later that night! Crazy girl. They also had such a fun time at a skating party yesterday.
My sweet Kiley is getting so big! :)
I made some girl sock monkey cake pops!
Tonight we did bluebonnet pictures! I got some great ones, but I can't wait to go back again and take more. I've got so many ideas.