Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Break!

I have to start this post out with the sweetest thing ever! Ben prayed for the first time last night!! For a while now he's been saying short prayers like, "Thank you God for this day.", but last night he said, "Thank you God for Wal-Mart, and Target, and Arbys. Thank you for my bike, my mower, my Power Wheels. Thank you for Kaitliny's (yes, with a "y". That's what they call her.) bike, and Kiley's bike." Then I told him he can say Amen when he's done. Then he said, "Amen. I love you God" How sweet was that?! I am one proud Mommy! I love what he's thankful for, and I don't have a clue where Arby's came from! LOL . I love hearing my kids pray, or "talk to God" as we call it. Kaitlin totally understands prayer and it always amazes me what she says.
Since summer break has started, we've been pretty busy. We've been to the museum, rode the train by the zoo, swam, gone to Louisiana, gone to Wichita Falls, run tons of errands, and just hung out around the house. Last summer I was pregnant and tired all day long and we didn't go anywhere, so I feel like I need to make it up to the kids. :) Tomorrow Kaitlin starts a summer musical camp, so she'll be gone from 9-2 this week.
I have decided to home school as well. I've heard that organized people do really well at homeschooling, so I'm hoping that I, a very unorganized person, can do it! I was EXTREMELY nervous about the whole thing, but with lots of prayer I feel a great peace about to get organized! :) I know that homeschooling is just what Kaitlin needs. I'm also excited that I will have time to teach Kiley and Ben too!
I need to give an update on all of the kids because they are changing EVERYDAY!!!
She has lost two teeth since December & has a very loose one right now! We're thinking this is going to be the summer she learns to swim! She is a GREAT reader and speller! Her teacher told us that when they finish kinder. they want them to read at a level 3 and Kaitlin was reading at a level 34!! She thinks that's a end of 3rd grade and her Daddy are just a little proud!!! ;) Kaitlin is such a little artist! She could draw pictures all day long if I would let her! She writes songs, stories, and sweet notes for everyone! Sweetest, most caring personality ever! I could go on and, love, love her!!
Kiley can spell her name!! She turned 4 four days ago! Every picture I take of her, she has to stike a pose! I love it!! She went through a stage for a while where she wouldn't even look at the camera. This girl is just full of spunk & sassiness!! She came in from outside tonight and said, "Ok everyone, the ballerina is back". This weekend while swimming, she did belly flops for hours (with a life jacket on, of course) & would say, "watch me do my big jump"! She LOVES her blanket and baby Bella, and there's no way she could ever go to sleep without either one of them. Tonight she told me, "Bella's teething" (just like her baby brother, Noah). I could go on and on about her too!!! Love, love, love her!!
Where do I begin?? He cracks he up! He's got the silliest facial expressions, but my favorite is when he puckers his lips out & kinda squints his eyes a little (I am sooo making this face right now as I'm typing, lol!). Ben loves his Mommy! He needs someone to lay with him every night to fall asleep, and I truely love that!! :) He is rough and tough and always hurting his sisters...poor girls! While swimming this weekend Ben would say, "watch me do my big jump", and would do the cutest little hop into the pool. He's always getting into water and mud. I can never let him outside by himself or he WILL BE a mess! He loves to ride his Power Wheels. I love, love, love the little "big" boy he is turning in to!
My sweet baby boy is getting big and it's making me so sad. June 6th he got his first tooth and the 2nd one popped in the next day! He can get up on his knees for a split second! Noah is always smiling!!! He always has his hand in his mouth with a big grin right behind it! :) He can roll over both ways like a pro! He's tried baby food a few times, but I think he'd much rather have what we're eating! He's also got quite the grip! :) His brother and sisters can make him smile just by looking at him :) But if they say "Boo Noah!", he laughs like crazy! His smile makes my days great! (along with the smiles from my other "babys"). His Jumperoo is his favorite thing! He jumps and giggles like crazy in that thing!! Love, love, love this baby!!!
Kevin and I have been so truely blessed! We could not have asked for better kids! I am so lucky to be able to stay home with them and be a part of every moment of their lives...the hugs & kisses, the screaming, the story times, the potty training, seeing them love on each other, and always having little helpers in the kitchen.
Yesterday was Fathers's Day. We made Kevin breakfast. Then we had my dad, Kevin's dad, my brother, his 2 brothers, and their ladies & "babies" over for dinner (lasagna, manicotti, salad, garlic bread, & Kevin's favorite chocolate mousse cake from Central Market)! It was a full house, and I loved it!! If I could have a party every week, I totally would! I love my wonderful husband. He is so good to me! :)
On the 12th we had Kiley's birthday party. It was a tea party theme and it was so much fun! My dad made 2 picnic tables for the kids and I love them (they think they're pretty cool too, lol)!!!! She had such a fun party and loves being 4! I, on the other hand, am trying to invent a "pause" button...when I do, I'll let you know! ;) It's such a good feeling to see our kids growing up, but it's all so sad at the same time. For her actual birthday we went to Chuck E. Cheese (we do that for all the kids on their actual birthday day). Her friend Shiloh got to come with us and we met Joel and Eryn up there. I made her a giant cupcake and we ate some good ol' CEC pizza.
Kevin and I get to go on a date on Wednesday and I'm sooo excited! We really need some "us" time (a.k.a. "Mommy and Daddy time" to the kids). They love when we go on dates, and Kaitlin always tells us to be sure and kiss! Haha, she's great!