Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green eggs???

Kaitlin and Ben eating cake pops!
Kiley, Shiloh, and Kaitlin at The Cheesecake Factory after going to Sweet & Sassy for Kaitlin's birthday! Kaitlin chopped off 11 inches for Locks of Love!!
Kiley got her ears pierced!
ALL 4 kids helping me make cookies! LOVE!!
Snow day!!
Mommy's boys!!
Zoo day!
Our awesome family!!
The crew! (plus Shiloh!)
I am in amazement! Everything I tell Noah to do, he understands! He can say and do so many things too! He says, "Duck, duck, goose", "1, 2, 3", "dog", "hello", "Kaitlin", "Kiley" (he said both of their names one day after another as we picked the girls up from ballet! He ran toward Kiley and yelled "Kiley"!!!), and he can mock just about anything I say. When he sees someone brushing their teeth or when he's doing it, he'll spit! Just like a big boy! He LOVES to kiss!...and bite. He loves Bella. Noah can finally entertain himself and play in his bedroom with no one else in there. He likes to eat so many different fruits and vegetables too! If he could play outside all day, he would. Anytime I make him come in, he crys. :( He's been sleeping in a big boy bed with Ben for 2 months now, and I even took his crib apart this week.
Benjamin, Kiley, and Kaitlin are loving this warmer weather and being able to play outside all day too!

We, so far, have had an eventful Spring Break. Birthday parties, visiting family in Granbury, going out to eat with family, having my brother & his family over for the weekend, the zoo (during SB, ahhhh!!!) with my sister in law Tera and my 3 nieces, celebrating my niece Joel turning 13, Eagle Mountain Park, and lots of sleeping in!

This morning, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, we had green eggs, green waffles, and green milk. Ben would NOT eat his eggs...they just weren't the same. Haha! Everyone else enjoyed it all!