Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let the break begin!

This is our first Spring Break to actually look forward to (since we've always had all the kids at home with us). But, since Kaitlin is in school, we actually want to "celebrate" this week. I would like to do something fun everyday for them. Tonight after soccer practice (I'll get to that later), we ate at Mark Dean's BBQ with Kevin's side of the family. Love, love, love every one of them. It was late so Noah wasn't in the best mood. Lately he's been going to sleep around 7-7:30 and we got to the restaurant at, Noah got to be held the entire time. :) I have finally accepted the fact that Noah is colicky. Car rides are no fun, beacause my poor baby screams the whole time. At home, when he's awake, I usually have to hold him. I LOVE to hold him, but it's hard to do things and spend time with everyone else when I have a baby in my arms. Hopefully I can get all of our baby toys out of storage soon. I'm sure something bright and colorful that makes lots of noise will entertain him. I just pray everyday that this colic will go away.
Kaitlin had her first soccer game last weekend, and they WON! Go Incredibles!! She's so cute the way she just bounces around the soccer field.
After her game, I took Kaitlin to a NAM interview. NAM is National American Miss. It's a beauty pageant that isn't about dressing your daughter up to look like an adult. NAM is more about inner beauty and teaching children interview skills for later in life. My little chatter box should never have interview problems. Well, I got a call a few days ago and her interview went well! They would like to have her for a call back in April!
Later that night, Kevin and I went on our first date since before Noah was born. We went to Olive Garden and then saw 2 movies! It was a well needed date night. I sure have missed my alone time with my favorite man! It's nice to feel like just a wife sometimes...
On March 8th, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversay. Every year we go to Texas de Brazil! This year we brought all of the kids, and boy was that interesting. Thank goodness they have an elevator to get to the bathroom, because with 4 kids there were a lot of potty trips! I'm glad we got to have a date night a few days before, because there was nothing relaxing or romantic about our dinner that evening. Haha!
Kaitlin is about to lose her first tooth! She's so excited! I remember when I was little and had a loose tooth, it was all I could think about. Everytime I look at Kaitlin she's wiggling that thing! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I can't believe how fast they are all growing up! Noah will be 3 months old in a few days! He LOVES smiling and "gooing" right now. We have little "conversations" all day. His face just lights up when you talk to him, and he always has so much to say back. Ben is really into counting lately! It's the cutest thing ever to hear him count everything. While we're reading, he'll just randomly start counting things on the page. We have such smart kids. Kiley is my little dress up princess right now. As soon as she wakes up, she'll pick her first princess outfit for the day. She'll usually go through 3 different outfits everyday.
How did Kevin and I end up so blessed? We have the sweetest, most beautiful, loving, caring, and well behaved children! Thank you God for trusting us with these special gifts!

Monday, March 1, 2010


It's been 3 weeks since I've updated this thing! A lot has happened! We had our second snow of the winter! Aside from our power going out and having to spend 2 nights at my mom's (that part wasn't bad), we had a great time! We, mostly Kevin, built a giant snowman! And Kaitlin finally got to build her first snowman! It was amazing to have as much snow as we did. After the snow melted, 2 days later, it was time for Valentine's Day. We brought the kids to ChuckECheese, and oh my gosh, that place was busy! The kids made Chuck E Valentines and left them on the stage for him (since we left before he came out). We totally owe the kids another trip, because we left after 30 minutes! We had dinner with Meoshi, Shiloh, and Nash at Boston Market...YUMMY!
On a sad note, later that evening we found out that Kevin's Aunt Becky had passed away. She was a beautiful lady. Family was such a priority for her and it shows through her wonderful children. Her funeral was just as she would have liked it. All her friends and family were there and it was standing room only. :)
Kevin's dad went in the hospital the day after the funeral. That was pretty scary. The hospital couldn't figure out what was wrong. He came home today and seems to be doing ok. I am so happy everything ended this way! Vernon's gonna be around for a lot longer! :)

I get to be an aunt again! After what seems like forever, Lee and Tera found out they are going to have a baby! Sooo exciting!

Earlier this month we were at QT, because my BIG boy Benjamin said he needed to go potty! I was too excited because this was the first time he ever asked to go while we were away from the house. He's 100% potty trained at home, but he's a little scared to go on those big public pottys (he thinks he is going to fall in, poor thing!). Well, as I was paying for my hot French Vanilla yumminess, this sweet man in line next to me asked if my kids could each have a pack of M&Ms! I just love random acts of kindness!! And, now that my two younger ones know there is candy in gas stations, I'm sure I'll never be taking them inside again, haha! Wal Mart is hard enough. You have to wait in that long line with all that candy just hanging out next to you...even I can't resist sometimes, I can't imagine how hard it is for a child!

On February 20th Noah rolled over!! Twice!!!! It's so cute to watch him pick that little leg up and roll on over. I haven't gotten a picture of him in action yet, because everytime he does it I either don't have my camera or I just can't take my eyes off of him to snap a picture! But, this is him right before he rolled today! What a big, beautiful baby boy! (and there's his proud big brother!)

Kaitlin, my big 6 year old, had her first school project! The theme was dinosaurs. She did such a good job. She is such a creative, smart, caring, big girl. I just love, love, love her!
I had this "great" idea the other day to buy some shaving cream and let the kids play with it. You know, be creative? Welllllllll, bad idea! Don't get me wrong, the kids loved it! But I on the other hand got to clean it all up. Oh, and Ben apparently thinks he is going to fall in kitchen sink holes too! Haha, I put him in the sink to get rinsed off, and he started crying and saying "fall in Mommy!!" I'm horrible, I couldn't stop laughing! He freaks out if cups and silverware get near the sink holes too. He cracks me up! Silly little guy. But, other than the mess, I can't wait to let them play with the shaving cream again...outside!

Now for the sad part...
This Saturday Ben busted his head open. He jumped on Kaitlin's back while she was laying on his new bed (oh yea, Ben has a big boy bed now!) and she pushed him off and he hit his head on the wall at the corner of the window. I freaked out. Kevin freaked out. Ben was calm. After we calmed down a little, we were both still shaking, Kevin shaved a little spot on his head and put a butterfly "stitch" on it. It is the hardest thing as a parent to see your baby get an ouchie! Sooooo, he got two Blockbuster movies and some chocolate chip cookies! I think he's got a few more weeks of spoiling ahead of him. My poor baby! The next day we had to take him to Cooks Childrens Hospital because he vomited 3 times! The doctor said it had nothing to do with the head injury, but I disagree. Mommy's always right, right?! He was so nervous and so was I. Then, they gave him a Mickey Mouse shirt and a car...he liked that part! He is getting better everyday.
Sunday we had my dad and Missy over for dinner. Before they were here 5 minutes Kaitlin had Pawpaw dressed up as a Princess! And Missy was next!

Kaitlin is supposed to have her first soccer practice tomorrow if it's not too muddy! We're all excited! Here's a few random pictures from the past few weeks!