Sunday, May 22, 2011

Part one... :)

Since I can't get my card reader to upload my pictures to the computer, this will have to be a 2-parter!
On the 27th of April we went and picked strawberries at Fall Creek Farms in Granbury! It was so fun! We ended up with more than 7 pounds! It was pure joy watching all the kids pick strawberries! Even Noah did a good job. There were hundreds of strawberry plants, in rows upon rows! This will definately be a yearly tradition! My Uncle Mike and Aunt Lisa joined us too! The kids before the pickin'! Kiley and her strawberry!
Kaitlin pickin' her strawberries!
Kiley helping Noah carry the berries!
Benjamin's basket! Bright red berries!
The next day we all went to PuttPutt...Kevin and I are not all. I did get a hole in one, but just by pure luck, not skills. Ben did play every hole with us though! Kaitlin would get her ball in and move on leaving us behind. Kiley, well, she didn't care too much for the whole golfing thing. Noah just ran around throwing the ball and chasing it down. We did the batting cages next and I LOVED THEM! The kids had wanted to play video games, but we didn't. Soooo, they left sad. I left happy because we weren't coming home with the junk they get from the tickets. :)Mother's Day was a few weeks later. Neil, Tiffany, and Aiden came into town. Rena, Tiffany's mom, also came and stayed with us! We took Rena, my mom, and Missy to the Dallas Aquarium Saturday. It was beautiful! The animals were amazing! My favorite was the anteater!! Kaitlin, Kiley, and Ben each fed a bird! There were so many different nimals to see: manatees, birds, monkeys, sharks, fish! It was much more than just an aquarium.

Ben feeding the bird!

Noah :) Me and my beautifuls!

We finished up the evening at the Stockyards! We ate at Jalapenos, went to the candy store (because no trip to the Stockyards is complete without the candy store!), and rode as many rides as we all had quarters for! :) It was a great day!

My brother Neil, my mom, and me.

Neil, my stepmom Missy, and me.

The next day was Mother's Day! Kaitlin made me breakfast in bed: frosted mini wheats & a glass of milk. She got up super early all by herself! :) We all went to lunch at Boomerjack's, dessert at Yogurtland, and then Tiffany's mom went home. Tiffany, me, and the girls went and got pedicures. It's was Kaitlin and Kiley's first time and they loved it, of course! Kaitlin even told me, "Mom, they do a better job than you!" :)

Well, that's part one! Now to find out what's going on with my card reader...