Wednesday, October 22, 2008


That's right! A lot has been happening in the month. We have moved to Rockwall (about an hour away from everyone). :( It's such a great town! We're supposed to only live here temporarily, maybe 6 months or so. After we do some work on the outside of the house, we plan to put it on the market and move back to Fort Worth. I will, however, miss it here. It just seems like everyone is much more friendly. So, besides the move...Benjamin turned 1 on September 21st!!! And we had a cowboy birthday party for him. It was so much fun. I think everyone really enjoyed it. I know all the kids had fun dressing up and doing the "boot" pinata. Then on the 27th we moved to Rockwall. And the next day I turned 25...getting older. As for the girls, they are now doing gymnastics at ASI gymnastics. Kaitlin is crazy about it, and Kiley could really care less about it 75% of the time. We're all adjusting to life in a different hasn't been easy. We are so far away from family and friends. I think having a big house has brought us further apart. We used to spend the whole day together downstairs in 800sf, now the kids have almost 3600sf to roam in...I miss being "cramped" together. My mom has come to see us a few times, and Meoshi, Shiloh, and Monique are coming on Thursday to spend the night! Saturday we are planning a trip to the Dallas Arboretum. I've never been, but I hear it's beautiful, and they are supposed to be having a big pumpkin theme area. I have been driving to Fort Worth about 2 times a week...let me tell you how fun that is with 3 kids 4 & under! :) And Benjamin is still not walking on his own...maybe someday. He'll walk just fine holding your hands or behind a toy that moves. He's getting his top 2 teeth right now, poor baby, he just doesn't feel good all day. I've got so many pictures to put on here. I'll have to put them on some day soon when I have time. Ok, well that's all I can remember from this last crazy month for now!