Friday, February 5, 2010

Can you believe it...

Two blog posts in one week! Yep, that's the new organized me! This has been a fun week, despite the rain. I found out a few weeks ago that Neil and Tiffany will be moving to Wichita Falls in May or June! We are sooo excited! I'll finally get to see my cute 'lil nephew all the time (and take a bunch of pictures of that smiley baby too!). I've been looking around for a Mother's Day Out/Preschool program for Kiley and Ben. They either have no openings or will end up costing us $300 a month. Which really isn't too bad...but, if you know me well, I'm a little cheap! Kiley is ready to get back into a preschool program. She's been asking me for months to put her back in school. I love that my kids love to learn!
I always have a new "favorite" that my kids are doing/saying! Right now, Ben is saying "Nummy, Nummy!" (in 2 year old, that's "Yummy,Yummy!"!! Kiley is loving on her baby, Noah. She always tells me, "Mommy, I love your baby."! On a side note, when Noah was still growing in me, Kiley would kiss and hug my belly EVERYDAY and say "I love your baby" and "I can't wait 'til your baby is here". It's so precious to see the love my big girl has for my baby. This week Kaitlin has explored spelling her middle name. She has been able to spell her first and last for some time now, but for some reason we never taught her anything about her middle name! She was at the table last night writing Kaitlin "Meshel" Lavender. Kevin was telling her that it's spelled Michelle, but instead of her listening to him, she argued "'cause that's not how it sounds, Daddy!" Darn phonics! We told her that we gave her that name, so we would obviously know how to spell it...I don't think she agrees!
I will leave you with a picture that I captured from the girl's bedroom window a few days ago. I love where we live and that the kids can see deer in their own yard! (& some other favorite pics!)

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lisacharlesparsons said...

You are a good writer/blogger! I can't wait to go to your house someday and see those Deer. Mike would love that!!! Love the pics you posted.