Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Time!

Well it looks like we are actually going to have an eventful summer...for the first time ever! We are back in Fort Worth (have been for about 2 months)! It's so nice to be "home". We had a few (ok, few is quite the understatement) spiders when we moved back, but they are pretty much only outside now. Kevin has been working on our yard a lot, which is great! The kids and I love to go hang out with him outside. Oh and the best news EVER, I am pregnant again!!!!!! Yep, 12 weeks...only 28 more to go. We went to the doctor yesterday and got to have a sonogram! YAY! I'm thinking, girl. We'll know for sure in 8 LOOOONG weeks. I seriously can't stand the wait! Every night Kaitlin prays "thank you for letting my Mommy have another baby" and Kiley prays, "thank you my Mommy have another one baby". I am so excited that they're so excited. I can't wait to meet this little one. Maybe a bigger house will be a necessity soon (I don't think the 1400 sf we're in right now will comfortably hold 6 people). This house is a lot easier to clean though! I've been trying to get some baking in lately (my fave thing to do)...but we're just so busy, and I'm sooo exhausted. The morning sickness is over, but I get incredibly tired while I'm pregnant. Well, on to our adventures...The kids and I have been to the zoo a few times, and since we got season passes, we'll be going a lot more! Yay for the wonderful Texas heat (hmm, maybe those season passes weren't such a great idea after all). Last weekend we went to Hurricane Harbor. We had such a good time, which was quite a surprise having all 3 kids with us. Ben and I hung out in the lazy river and wave pool a lot, while Kevin attempted to get Kaitlin and Kiley to ride some rides. So, we got season passes for this place too. Now we've got a very fun place to go on weekends and splash in the water! Kevin "borrowed" (my words)/"is test driving" (his words) a boat for the weekend. It's soooo much fun, and we all love it, but I just can't see us having a least without a bathroom :) Kiley turns 3 on the 17th! I cannot believe it! We are having a ladybug themed birthday party, it should be fun! Neil, Tiffany, and us are going to San Antonio in 5 days! Tiffany is a trooper! She waaay pregnant, and she's still making the trip. Yay Tiffany! It should be lots of fun, we've never brought the kids to SA before.

Ben, Kiley, Kaitlin, Eryn, Joel (my 2 nieces!)

"Somebody's gotta drive this thing!"

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