Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back!

Ok, it's been a loooong time, and soooo many things things have been going on. About a month ago we had Meoshi's baby shower, and a few days later we got to welcome Nash Carlston Roberts! He was born more than a month early, but he is doing great! He's THE cutest little baby. Kiley always says "Teeny tiny Nash" and "Nash is sleeping"...yep, that's all he does! Ok, well he's too cute, we all love him! And the weekend after that we had Tiffany's baby shower. My lens broke (everyone have a big cry for me!), so the only pictures I got to take were with Neil's and Tiffanys friend's camera. I did take some before pictures of a couple of the things I made. It was such a fun time, and she had quite a turn out. A few weeks ago they found out they are having a boy! Yeah! It's so funny to hear Neil talk about baby stuff. I think this will be the most over-protected child ever. But that's good, he will be a great dad. The kids are growing up so fast! Ben's got this funny thing he does with his lips, he looks like he trying to kiss, but he does it all the time: when he's thinking, mad, making noises, see something exciting, yea all the time. Kiley is acting so much older suddenly. She and Kaitlin are really getting along and pretending together all the time. Ok, I had so much to say, and now I can't think of anything that's happened in our lives...Kevin's dad got married this weekend. Saturday we went to my mom's and she showed us a borrow with baby bunnies, so, now we have an "Easter" bunny. Kaitlin named it Sparkles. You've got to love that name...there's nothing like hearing Kevin tell people our bunny's name! :) The kids are so in love with this bunny. Easter was so much fun, and we had the best weather EVER! We went to Kevin's Aunt Becky's and ate lunch, hunted eggs, and had a silly string fight! That was definately my favorite part. Ben suprised everyone with his egg hunting skills! He was just as good as kids a year older than him. He'd be walking around carrying 3 eggs to his basket. Everytime he saw an egg he'd make some silly sound that kept me and Kevin laughing. Kiley was all about the hunt this year too! Kaitlin got to hunt with the bigger kids, and I think she was a little confused as to why the eggs weren't laying out in the open for her, but she still had so much fun and got so excited when she'd find one. After the egg hunts came the silly string fight! I think that will definately become a was so much fun. We are moving back to Fort Worth on Thursday. It will be nice to be back home, although Rockwall has been wonderful. Ok, now for some pictures! I'll have to get some Easter ones up as soon as I get them off my camera! Meoshi's diaper cake
Benjamin's new best friend, NashAll of us meeting baby Nash and seeing his happy parents!
Tiffany's diaper cake

Ladybug cookie pops, a bit of her ladybug themed baby shower

I'll get more pictures later!

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