Sunday, May 25, 2008

A busy weekend!

Well, this weekend was busy! On Friday Kaitlin and Kiley got their first haircut!
Lovin' the suckers!

Saturday, the kids, Granny, and I went to Mineral Wells. First, we went to the Clark Gardens. The girls had so much fun chasing ducks, smelling flowers, and running all around. After 2 hours in 90-something heat, we decided to head out and go shopping. We shopped for 2 hours, then headed straight to Papa and Missy's for dinner.

2 hours in 90 degree heat...nobody wants to pose :)

Kaitlin and Kiley had a good time in the pool Sunday afternoon! Kiley got Kaitlin! That water is so cold!
Kaitlin got her back! :)

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