Sunday, June 16, 2013


We have had an exciting summer break so far!  The day the girls got out of school, we went to a swim party.  The next day we went to another swim party!  Then we went to Meoshi's the next day for ice cream sundaes, a picnic, and a trip to the park!  The next day we went to another swim party at the lake and finished our evening up celebrating Kevin's cousins son's graduation from high school. 
I was able to attend Pink Impact a couple of months ago with a wonderful group of Godly ladies!

Kevin and I have the most amazing friends!  We just recently started having monthly theme night dinners!  The first was Kentucky Derby themed!

The next was a luau theme!
A few of Sarah's favorite things right now are rocks and wagons.  :) She has 8 teeth now. Noah is talking all of the time!
Over spring break, we went camping at Fort Griffin.  We went fishing, sight seeing, ate good food, chased an armadillo!, played in the sand, and had some good ol' quality time!
In the past 6 months we've celebrated 2 birthdays, drove to Massachusetts for my Grandma's funeral, gone on many hikes, I ran 3 5K's, went to the zoo a few times, hung out with friends, had an amazing baseball season with Ben, got 10 chickens, planted a garden, ate a lot of salads because of said garden, rescued a turtle from a dangerous road, had an eventful Spring Break hunting for fossils/fishing/exploring, had a paint fight, Kevin ate his first salad!, celebrated 10 years of being married to my God loving man, got a couple of guinea pigs, watched our kids grow like crazy!
They are growing into amazing, beautiful children!  Their love for God is pouring out of them.  The other night I went into the girls room.  They were sitting on the floor with only the light from their alarm clock, reading the Bible together.  It was precious.  It made me proud.  This is what parenting is all about.  It's about bringing our children up in a God loving home, teaching them everything we possiby can and encouraging them to research what we don't know about what the Bible says.
Tomorrow we celebrate Father's Day.  The kids are excited to celebrate their Daddy!
The day after that is our Kiley Girl's 7th birthday!!  We can't wait to have the entire day to show her just how special she is to us!

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