Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shepherds & Monsters

We've been keeping up our advent calendar around could I forget, when 3 kids are asking me about all day?  :)  Day 3 - I made Christmas cake pops for the kids and they The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  Day 4 - We went to Benjamin's school and listened to all the kids sing Christmas songs and recite Christmas poems.  Ben got to dress up as a shepherd. 
Day 5 - We began reading the birth story of Jesus as told by Luke.  We read the first 2 chapters.  The kids had so many questions...I love reading the Bible with children.  Their hearts and minds are so much different than ours. 
Day 6 - Tonight we will ready 2 more chapters from Luke. 

Today I ordered our Christmas card!!  I am sooo excited!  Last year was the first year, in 8 years, I didn't send out our Christmas cards.  I was depressing.  I love having our family photo made and sending it to our family and friends.   :)
Noah turns 3 next Sunday.  He is having a monster party.  This years party will be a challenge because I started a cake pop business earlier this year and I have orders to fill as well as a party to plan.  But, I'm up for the challenge and the lack of sleep!
I'm enlisting the kids to help me this time with painting props for the party.  :)
Kevin painted the outside of our house today.  We picked out the paint color a year ago, so we were so excited to finally see it on OUR house!
I think Sarah might be getting her next 2 teeth because she woke up last night and stayed up for 2 hours just hanging she did for 3 LONG weeks before she got her first 2 teeth.  So, I might have lots of late nights hanging out with my sweet girl. 

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