Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, Christmas was great! It was busy, but not crazy like it has been other years. We started our Christmas on Wednesday at Lee and Tera's with our Lavender family gift exchange, Thursday we opened presents at our house. Thank you Aunt Margaret and Aunt Eileen for the presents! Then went to my mom's (my dad and Missy were there) to open presents and eat. Then we went to Kevin's cousins house to eat yet again! We stayed the night at my mom's and went home the next day. Saturday we went to Louisiana to see Neil and Tiffany (who by the way is 9 weeks pregnant!). My mom came with us and we ate at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro (YUMMY!). Sunday the girls and I went to a birthday party then over to Meoshi's to give them their gifts. I think we are finally done going places! It's nice to be home. The kids had such a great Christmas. For their "big" gifts Kaitlin got a telescope, Kiley got a bike, and Benjamin got a mini. power wheels (they all LOVE this!). Kevin got me Buckle clothes and a new camera (yea, he's the best!). It's a Nikon D200 and I was soooo suprised! Kaitlin's 5th, yes 5th, birthday is on January 9th, and on the 10th we'll be having a rainbow themed party at ChuckECheese! She's very excited. Kiley has been talking all the time lately! Just all of a sudden she has so much to say! And Ben is learning so many words! Yesterday I put his hat on his head and he put his hand on his hat and said "hat"!!!! I probably freaked him out a little with all my excited screaming, but I was so happy! Life here in Rockwall has been good, but I can't wait to get back to Fort Worth, to friends, family, and familiarity. MY plan is to be back by spring. But, who knows! This is the greatest house, and it should sell quickly...when we finally put it for sale. I miss having my husband working close to home. But, anyways! Here are some holiday pictures...

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