Friday, February 20, 2009


Valentine's Day was very nice. We got to have Kevin home all day! Kevin and Kaitlin did some dancing and we just hung out and enjoyed having everyone together! We have exciting (well, it's exciting to me!) news around here! Ben went potty last night, this morning, and after his nap this afternoon! He is excited for himself. :) This past Friday night my car, which I somehow left unlocked, was broken in to! Yep, they stole my GPS out of the console and Kaitlin's wallet that had like $10 in it. It was so upsetting! And I got to teach Kaitlin all about "bad guys". She would like to, and I quote, "punch them in the face". She tells it like it is! But I did tell her that we don't need to do that. ;) Kiley is a little chatter box lately! I love it. It seems like a few months ago I couldn't get her to do anything but grunt at me! And today Ben kept coming up to me and saying Mama! He used to say it months ago, but he quit for the longest time...but now Mama is back! Ok, here are some pictures!

Kaitlin's 1st school project

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