Thursday, September 18, 2008


Kevin and I thought it would be fun to have a Surprise Day one Saturday a month. So, this past Saturday Kevin took off work. We started the day with doughnuts with SPRINKLES! The girls love them! :) After that we went to McDonalds (for the kids) and Jason's Deli for us (I can only take so much Mc Donalds, and I think I've had enough for a while). Then we went to the Omni theatre to watch Dinosaurs Alive. I think Kiley was probably the only kid in there making noise. She loves to say "Roar!" when she sees dinosaurs, so throughout the whole movie she was roaring, laughing, and squealing. It was so cute! Since Kaitlin loves smoothies, we stopped by the Smoothie Factory before heading to the mall.
After a crazy day:
we were so tired:

I found out earlier this week that Neil and Tiffany are going to be moving to England next June. As if Louisiana wasn't far enough! :) Oh well, we'll just have to go visit them a lot. Benjamin's birthday is this Sunday, so I have been busy planning his party. We are supposed to be moving to Rockwall in about 2 weeks. We'll be far from everyone, but I think it will be a nice town to live in for a while.

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